a minimal christmas tree: the filigrantrae


Around here, it’s never too early to begin considering Christmas trees. (And we’ve considered quite a few. Tannenboing, anyone?). This year’s first find? The Filigrantrae Danish Wooden Christmas Tree. Designed by Trine and Peter Find, the Filigrantrae, meaning “filigree tree” in Danish, is a solid birch construction that sets up in a snap and comes down just as easily. Design Public has this minimalist option for $275, which is comparable to the cost of some artificial trees. What do you think readers, is this your type of tree? –Sarah C.

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Mary T

I’ll stick some dowels into a stick for $275.


I have the similar (though much nicer looking, IMHO) Possibilitree and I love it. http://possibilitree.com/trees/details/three-ft-tabletop-tree


It’s like the perches people buy for their pet parrots. I’m pretty sure they cost nothing close to $275.

Megan B.

Agreed. $275 seems steep. But I like the concept, just not the execution. I think it needs LOTS of ornaments. But then that kinda blows the minimalism thing.

Sarah C.

Yeah – totally agreed on the price. I also love our full, real-looking artificial tree, but I often wonder what I would do if I went the complete opposite direction. I agree Megan – I’m intrigued by the idea – I think if you put enough thought into it there could be some pretty creative ways to adorn this tree, but I’d really have to think about it. I’d love to see what people who love this style do with it!

Haha, I love the name, a play on words just as the mentioned “Possibilitree”.
You see, in Danish “filigran” means “filigree”, as you say, but if you split the word “Fili-gran-træ” there also is another word hidden than just “trae” (tree), namely “grantræ”/grantrae”. This means “spruce” which are the trees we use for Christmas trees in Denmark (I am Danish, too).

I got an elm clamp on Etsy that looks a lot like this. It holds my necklaces now but I think it will be holding ornaments soon.

Mary T.

I have to say though that lookswise I do like this better than the gross filligreed versions I’ve seen.

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