i may have found an indestructible dog bed


There are certain things you just have to deal with when you get a dog. Fur. Walking when it’s raining or cold. Tracked-in dirt (or wiping their feet at the door). But what made me crazy was the dog bed saga. We bought ’em; Dilly just kept destroying them. For the past few months, we’ve been making do with a pile of rugs and comforters — washable and inexpensive, but looked messy. Then I found a company called K-9 Ballistics. Now that sounded tough! The company sells dog beds specifically made to resist chewers: they’re made of ballistic nylon and the closure is located on the bottom of the bed, so there’s no tempting zipper within reach. We ordered an extra-large bed for each of our extra-large dogs, and at 38″x54″ they’re HUGE. Yet they cost $129 each, which is no more than I paid for the last bed that was torn apart. The dogs already enjoy lying on them. I’ll let you know how it goes. — Mary T.

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Thanks for sharing. Our little one loves to chew her beds including carefully tearing out the seams of a zipper. We will give one of these a try!

Sarah C.

There are no better brand ambassadors than your dogs, Mary! Glad they’re liking them, and keeping them intact!


We got one of these for our dogs and it’s lasted forever. The only reason we replaced the last one is that you could finally see where she’d been digging — the fabric was fine but it was starting to show a little wear.


We all love the darned thing. :)

Mary T.

We’ve now had the beds a couple weeks and so far, no tearing action! And she hasn’t even tried to get to the closure underneath (not that she’d know it was there but I give her all kinds of psychic powers in my mind). They are
super durable and the dogs are sleeping great — there has been a noted increase in running legs in doggie dreams! : )

Wow. Wish I’d known that when I still had Great Danes.

omg, your pups are so cute!! crossing my fingers for you…luckily this is one dog-related problem i don’t have. but don’t get me started on the destructibility of stuffed toys.

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