do you have a garden shed office?

claire's studio copy

While beautifully done, I’m a firm believer that the movie adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife doesn’t compare to the wonder of the book. (And how could it? The logistics of time travel are baffling). This is a common sentiment with book-to-film projects, but one thing the movie aces is décor, and my favorite part is the barn Claire (played by Rachel McAdams) uses as an art studio. As someone who does some work from home, I’ve always wanted a place outside my apartment to toil and if I lived in the ‘burbs, I’d definitely consider converting a shed into an office. The garden shed office is already popular overseas, and this week Treehugger wondered if the idea could catch on stateside. What do you think, readers? Have a home office out back? Maybe this roundup of architectural designs will get you started! – Sarah C.

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Angela M.

Wasn’t there also a garden/office/studio in Notes on a Scandal? I would love one! (the shed, not the scandal!).