instant etsy searches:


We love and adore Etsy, but sometimes we don’t have the time to fall down the rabbit hole of searches and listings — we could spend hours in there, and often do. So we’re enjoying playing around with Glancely: enter a search term, and get 100 listings at a glance that can be sorted by parameters like color or price. Here comes our holiday shopping… –Mary T.


Great find. Sometimes I feel as though Etsy swallows me whole – so many great things, so little time.

LOVE this! This is going to save me so much time … or maybe I’ll just spend even more time browsing because it’s so simple;)

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[...] but sometimes its sheer size can make the possibilities seem overwhelming. Mary T. turned us on to Glancely, a visual sorting tool, but another way to make sense of the madness is to take your cues from a [...]