kinda genius: black+ blum’s box appetit



If you’re bringing lunch to work or are a leftovers lover, Tupperware is a must. We’ve covered the fancy stuff, and in our house we have a color-coded set much like the Snapware varieties that we absolutely adore, but I may be making more room soon for the Box Appetit. The Cadillac of lunch organization containers, the Box Appetit has it all: a removable inner dish that allows the separation of hot and cold foods, a locking lid, a fork/knife that snaps into the lid, and my personal favorite, a small receptacle for your favorite sauce or dressing. Goodbye, soggy salads, hello intelligent food storage! Designed by Black + Blum, the container is also dishwasher and microwave safe and BPA free. At $22 it’s pricier than your average Tupperware, but it would be an ingenious solution to some of my lunch hour woes. The Lunchbox Revolution cookbook, $8, is a nifty compliment specially designed to make filling the thing even easier. Now the question is, will it fit in my stocking? – Sarah C.

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Ahh! I want one!! It’s just too bad that I now work from home and have no excuse to get one… I did buy a cute little “bento” lunch box from a Japanese department store recently and still have not used it. Oops :)


Y’all are still eating out of plastic? Be careful folks!

“It’s probably the largest volume endocrine-disrupting chemical in commerce,” says Vom Saal. “This stuff is in everything.” Because plastics made with BPA break down easily when heated, microwaved, washed with strong detergents or wrapped around acidic foods like tomatoes, trace amounts of the potent hormone leach into food from epoxy lacquer can linings, polycarbonate bottles and other plastic food packaging.”