five things we learned last week

1) Making donuts at home has some appeal. Forget calories! This donut factory spells Saturday morning fun. Sarah L. says: “That looks like it would be a blast to do with kids on a lazy winter morning, especially after a sleepover. Can’t be any worse than waffles drowned in syrup.”

2) You have opinions when it comes to choosing cranberry sauce varieties. But, if you’re lucky, you don’t have to choose. Mary H. says: “Honestly, I like them both. The jellied kind is delicious and reminds of my childhood. But a few years ago I starting making my own with fresh cranberries and ginger…so good! So for me, Thanksgiving dinner with both is the way to go!” Do you prefer jellied? Or whole berry?

3) Bento box Tupperware is an inspired idea. Sarah C. shared the Box Appetit and you like the concept. Charlene says: “Ahh! I want one!! It’s just too bad that I now work from home and have no excuse to get one… I did buy a cute little “bento” lunch box from a Japanese department store recently and still have not used it. Oops.”

4) Glancely makes Etsy seplacees easy. Mary T. found the site that allows you to view offerings based on keywords at a glance. Mary-Grace says: “LOVE this! This is going to save me so much time … or maybe I’ll just spend even more time browsing because it’s so simple”.

5) Refinishing doorknob hardware is easier than you think. Cassie D. refinished the doorknobs in her home to better fit with the design aesthetic and we like her alternative to brass. Julie says: “Ugh to shiny shiny brass – the after is sooooo much better. Way to go”. Get her technique in six easy steps.

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