new obsession: pirouette soaps


I usually fall on to the liquid side of the great soap debate, but the other night, I smelled a soap so heavenly that I had to take it home with me. And I’ve been in sudsy shower heaven ever since. The soap, made by Pirouette Essentials, is made with only natural and sustainable plant oils (such as RSPO certified sustainable palm oil) and is cruelty free — and beautifully packaged to boot. These bars, handmade in Seattle, come in a wide range of intoxicating aromas like the milk and honey shown above, black pepper citrus, Indian spiced chai tea, and lavender earl grey. I bought my bar of Blue Hawaii (coconut & lime) at the West Seattle olfactory wonderland that is knows perfume, but you can find all of the scents (along with some great sampler packs) at the online shop or if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, at these stores (like the CakeSpy Shop). –Megan B.

photo courtesy of Twilight Artist Collective.

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