try this: clean a narrow-necked vase with popcorn


During the summer I often have several vases of cut flowers and foliage around the house cheering me up. But now that fall is here – and winter is fast approaching – I lean more towards warm candles and seasonal decorations. So, the vases get thoroughly cleaned and packed up until spring. But how do I clean those narrow-neck vases I love so much? I’ve got a trick!

To help get rid of those stubborn hard water lines and stuck on debris, use popcorn kernels! If you have hard water lines in a vase, add 2-3 tablespoons un-popped popcorn kernels and the same amount of white vinegar, cover and shake vigorously! The vinegar will dissolve the mineral deposits, and the popcorn will help scrape them off. If you have dirt or filmy deposits in the bottom, you can also do the same with very hot water, a drop of dish soap, and popcorn. To avoid water spots when drying, rinse the vase out with rubbing alcohol and leave upside down to dry. Voilà – sparkly clean vases ready for next year! Bonus – the popcorn can be dried and used over and over again. –Rebecca F.

photo by Jen Firlik

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Genius! I hate taking out a grimy vase from my cupboard. What a simple fix!

This is the first time I’ve known that a popcorn can be used as a cleaning agent also. Very ingenious of you to use it as such!

Seriously great idea! We always love posts related to cleaning! : )
-Deb for Ecover

Thank you for this — the last time I moved, I gave away all my skinny-necked vases because they’re such a pain to clean!


If you can’t get it all the way, you can always break up a denture tablet and drop it down the neck of the bottle! Add water and walk away. When you come back, the fizzing and bubbling will disinfect and add sparkle.

I am kind of the old fashioned ones and remember a lot of cleaning advices, tips and tricks from my Mom that she had gotten from her Mom. But this trick, how to clean skinny necked vases in such a simple way and without using any aggressive chemicals is all new to me. Thanks so much for sharing this trick.

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