want it now: moxie creative’s movie posters, reimagined

fearandloathing copy

First, Katie D. stoked the fires in the hearts of design-loving television aficionados with her minimalist television poster roundup. Then we took the trend to Stephen King posters, and now Moxie Creative’s got our number with their Dress The Part series of graphic posters inspired by men’s style. Available for ten classic movies, the designs capture the essence of each film, from the brawn of Superman to the goofball antics of Dumb & Dumber. Me? I’ll take Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, hands down. Snag yours for a cool $30 at MoxieCreative.com. –Sarah C.

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Oooo, it’s creepy but I love the one for The Shining!

the Dumb & Dumber one is going on my wish list!