holiday help: give back by giving pie


Here at Shelterrific, we’ve learned that a great way to spur charitable contributions is to appeal to the cravings of the almighty sweet tooth. We’ve found two tasty options in Baking for Good and The Sweet Potato Project, and here’s a third to outfit that holiday spread: This year, Give Pie. An initiative of United States Charity Fundraising, Give Pie allows you to give back to the community in two ways: by signing up to sell pies, on your own or with a team, or by buying a pie yourself. The organization hopes to sell more than 10,000 pies in each location to aid a variety of local charities, including this year’s featured beneficiary, SkillsUSA. Visit to get involved or stop by United States Charity Fundraising to learn about local opportunities for giving back to your community this holiday season. – Sarah C.

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What a cool idea for a fundraiser! I love it.