kinda genius: messermeister serrated peeler


Last Thanksgiving, I got berated by a friend for having a bad peeler as she suffered through skinning a 10 lb. bag of russets. It’s true, I’m sad to admit. I had a poorly functioning peeler — which is why I’d taken to making my mashed potatoes out of skin-on yukon golds, “rustic style”. But, after spending six months working in a well-stocked teaching kitchen, I purchased my favorite tool in the tackle: a serrated peeler from Messermeister. The serrated blade can peel anything — from a ripe tomato to a butternut squash to an eggplant — with ease. I have to admit, I’ve been looking forward to this Thanksgiving, when I can show off my new, fancy peeler to my friend and make her jealous — and enjoy some creamy, fluffy mashed potatoes. I purchased mine from Sur La Table, but I don’t see the red one on the site. Amazon’s got it though, and it’s a peel, er, steal of a deal at just $6.99. –Megan B.

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Isn’t it wonderful? I have one from oxo. It’s not as pretty as your red one, but it works beautifully!

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