strangely appealing: designgrass

design grass

They sucked me in with the very name “DesignGrass” and they had me at “no watering or maintenance required.” Unfortunately for me, DesignGrass, the brainchild of Curb, the “natural media company,” is not for a lush lawn, but real grass that can be grown in shapes and will last indefinitely fixed to indoor walls or ceilings. So far it’s been used to add some real green to company logos and advertising promotions, though we can imagine the fun interior decorating possibilities. As long as I don’t have to mow it, I’m good. Anyone seen DesignGrass in person? –Mary T.

P.S. Curb has a whole gallery of “clean advertising” from “compost art” to “snow tagging” — check it out.

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wow i LOVE this idea. it’s right up there with the Wooly Pockets and creating graffiti with moss. green messages … lovely!

Am I the only one who thinks this is weird? How can you have a live plant that never needs water or attention? And if you never want to water it or give it attention why don’t you just use astroturf anyways? I understand wanting the nice greenery and I’m sure it looks very striking but I just don’t understand how it can work.

Megan B.

I think it’s gorgeous. And weird. Kinda want it.