container store treasure: amac boxes

amac boxes 1
amac boxes 2

Much akin to Ikea, the Container Store is a rabbit hole of a place that seemingly offers a million ingenious things you could use right at that moment. We’ve found our share of stocking stuffers there, but my most helpful discovery of late, their line of petite Amac Boxes, may include the smallest item they sell. Made of crystal clear, BPA-free plastic, the tiny containers are perfect for storing myriad items from crafting supplies to jewelry, but are easy to miss in the store. My roommate uses a few of the smaller, clear versions to store her rings, earring and other small jewels, and like many happy reviewers on the site, loves the ease with which she can see her collection and keep it all clean and safe. Starting at just $0.39, they’re an inexpensive way to bring order to an unruly jewelry box. Incidentally, the bamboo drawer organizers you see above come just as highly recommended from the same place! – Sarah C.

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Liz H.

I know this is an older post, but it’s been on my mind since it was published four-ish months ago. I finally placed an order with the Container Store (.com), and can’t wait for my amac boxes to arrive!
I’m trying to simplify a lot of things in my life. So I bought a fixed number of boxes (10 for earrings, 5 for necklaces), to be filled with classic pieces. If I want new earrings, I’ll have to decide which ones to toss.
Thanks for posting such an inexpensive way to be organized, lose fewer earrings, and simplify one area of my life!