five things we learned last week


1) Black Friday deals aren’t for everyone. Sarah C. skips the mall after Thanksgiving and she’s not the only one. Brianna says: “I’m so glad to know there is someone else out there that just doesn’t have the gumption for Black Friday. I worked retail for 5 years and after that I don’t care if they are GIVING away electronics, I can not make myself get in that mess. So my strategy? I’m gonna take advantage of Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday instead.” What is your Black Friday strategy?

2) Dry-erase paint could be fun if applied correctly. Ginny F. is considering some dry-erase DIY projects for her new house, but wanted recommendations. Llyra says: “My husband’s office had this stuff, and while great in theory, it didn’t work all that well. The surface needs to be *smooth* in order to be erased cleanly, and it’s very very very difficult to paint it on that smoothly.” An interesting alternative? Dry-erase contact paper. Thanks for the idea, Daffodil!

3) Real grass on the wall? You’re intrigued. DesignGrass is the latest arrival to the green design party, and you like it. Rebecca says: “Wow, I LOVE this idea. It’s right up there with the Wooly Pockets and creating graffiti with moss. Green messages…lovely!”

4) The Messermeister serrated peeler is Shelterrific-approved. Megan B. recommends it and you have to agree. Katie says: “Isn’t it wonderful? I have one from OXO. It’s not as pretty as your red one, but it works beautifully!”

5) Moveable Type is a cause with supporters. Mary T. shared Kyle Durrie’s quest to take letterpress on the road, and in doing so, introduced us to the brilliance of Kickstarter. We’re fans of both! Sarah L. says: “How awesome is that? Someone needs to give me $250 to pledge so I can make sure she comes here.”

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