deck the halls with paper bunting


Our big Rubbermaid bin of holiday decorations is sitting in a storage facility, so I’ve been looking for a few ideas to make our boring temporary apartment sing “fa la la la la.” After spotting a 2,300-foot spool of red-and-white bakers twine at Crate & Barrel for $7.95, the light bulb in my head went off: DIY garland and bunting! Gifted Magazine’s holiday issue has a free template for reindeer paper bunting (p.83), while d.Sharp Journal offers a free template for snowman garland. I also love Katie Did’s idea of stringing up favorite holiday song lyrics — perfect for New Year’s Eve parties. And, since simplicity is key for me, I’m thinking I might buy this Martha Stewart snowflake paper punch and some red construction paper (cut in circles) for tree garland. Hooray for inexpensive holiday décor … and a great excuse to get crafty with my toddler! –Ginny F.

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Katie Did’s garland looks amazing, I love it. And I can’t believe what a talented toddler you must have, I was seriously debating whether my 20 yr old sister and I could pull this off before loosing interest.


Haha, I should clarify… I figured while I’m cutting out and stringing up snowmen, my daughter could decorate them. We’ll see how it goes. :)


I just read somewhere (Real Simple?) that one family decorates with souvenirs, etc. Ticket stubs, things like that.

I’ve been known to put small pinecones on our trees with a glue gun. I’ve done the popcorn and cranberry garland thing, but I seemed to poke my finger a lot with the needle.

My mom doesn’t do a wreath on the front door anymore. She has a big brass firelog bucket that she fills with pine branches and sticks with red berries.

Mary T.

I love love love how those letters look!