ebay find: vintage christmas cards

1950s cards
die cut cards

Every year, my friend Dorian sends us one of a series of vintage holiday cards from the ’40s to the ’60s, never before used that are weird, hilarious, or just plain cool. I decided to steal her idea this year and was delighted to find that there are pages of unused vintage Christmas cards for sale on eBay — some great-looking one-offs, others entire mint-in-box collections with envelopes. I bought two entire sets for less than I usually pay for one new set. Not only did I feel like I was being kind of “green,” I can’t wait to decide who gets the nifty 1940s snowman couple, or the Dickensian folks in the sleigh, or the atomic SEASONS GREETINGS logo. Check out all the unused card listings on eBay here. — Mary T.

Listings for what you see here: poodle card, 1950s cards, die-cut cards

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Sarah C.

Amazing find, Mary – I didn’t even know these existed! How fun!