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My Grandma had a set of nesting dolls that she used to let my sisters and I play with — under her watchful eyes, of course. So when I saw Anthropologie’s matryoshka doll ornaments, I thought it’d be great to try something similar for my sisters’ trees. I simplified the red, yellow and green design I remembered from Grandma’s and created a simple pattern. Since I was using Eco Felt, not a natural felt, I wouldn’t be able to make mine felted but given the intent, that seemed like a small sacrifice. And instead of $18 each, I spent under $5 for two and have plenty of supplies left to make more. I already have requests from the little elves in my house to make pink and purple versions, which will give me a chance to try making a few that are closer to the original inspiration. Pattern and instructions after the jump. — Sarah L.


What you need:
Pattern, printed so that doll body is 3.5″ tall
5 squares of felt
Floss that matches felt, plus dark brown floss for features
Fiberfill or 7-8 cotton balls
Online stitch guide, if needed

Feather and satin stitch on facial features. Running stitch details on to flower and along bottom of doll body.

First layer
Position face on one of the main body pieces, making sure the hair and scarf will overlap and cover edges. Then sew face on, starting stitches on face piece and finishing each stitch just past face edge, going through the main body piece. (This will hide the stitch edge.) Sew 3/4 of the way around, then put a small, loose ball of cotton or fiberfill under face. Finish stitching rest of the way. Repeat same process for flower, stuffing lightly, then add leaves.

Second layer
Stitch on hair, adding a finishing stitch down the center for the part in the doll’s hair.

Final layer
Stitch scarf, starting on inside edge and stitching around face. Stitch lower edge, adding a small amount of stuffing to sides of lower face and under chin.

Sew body back to front, wrong sides together, using a blanket stitch. Start on the scarf section, using scarf-colored floss. Switch to body color to finish, using the same blanket stitch.

Using a larger needle, sew three, 10-inch sections of floss through back of body, close to head. Braid and knot to make a hanger.

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sweet! I almost succumbed to a wooden one at Target last week. This would be so much better.

Oh my goodness, those are so cute it hurts!!!

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