my early resolution: controlling financial clutter


When it comes to financial documents, I’m a certified hoarder. I love the look of a streamlined file box and like to think that I’m an accountant’s dream come tax time: ready and willing to produce any document one could possibly request from the last six years. In the information age, keeping everything I’ve been filing is unnecessary and has resulted in an overworked file box and lots of paper clutter. So, as an early start to my “declutter my apartment” New Year’s resolution, I put on a movie after the feasting and family time was over last weekend and went through my files. Suze Orman has some handy guidelines detailing how long to keep personal and financial documents before sentencing them to the shredder and a full garbage bag of paper shreds later, I’ve cut the clutter and trimmed my file box down to a svelte, wholly-contained operation, all while taking in a holiday flick on the couch!

Next on my list: managing money online with How about you readers? Any organizational New Year’s resolutions to share? –Sarah C.

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