hey, dog breath! i need help (plus a dog bed update)

dog breath

First, an update on the K-9 Ballistics bed: amazing! Not a single shred, and thanks to the fabric, the bed looks cleaner, too; definitely shows the mastiff drool much less. I just washed the cover for the first time, and that Velcro closure is super heavy duty. The bed’s insides are good, too: sewn with buttons to keep its shape. We are calling this a win.

Now to the latest challenge! One of our dogs’ many nicknames is “Chum” since they’re our pals, but on certain days it’s also an apt descriptor for their breath. I recently heard an ad for Just Magick — have you tried it? Any other dog breath remedies you’d like to share? — Mary T.

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A couple thoughts on “Just Magick”:

A- They misspelled “oral.” I guess I’d question the product of a company that can’t proofread their own site.
B- They’re using a significant portion of their site to sell patriotic t-shirts. This just wierds me out.
C- A main ingredient is garlic. There’s some debate, and I know you’ve got big pooches so the risk is much lower, but the general consensus is that garlic is not so good for the canines.

Poor breath is usually indicative of something else. Do you brush the dog’s teeth? What do you feed them? When was the last time they had a proper dental done at the vets?


I’m glad for the update! I have been checking semi-regularly and just now they have a ship date for those back ordered beds.
No solution on the breath though, sorry. A temporary thing I do is let my Airedale have some strawberry yoplait and then she smells like strawberry for a good 2-3 days. Then again it may be just some yogurt that is buried in her beard or mustache.

Mary T.

Ellie, that’s hilarious. : )


We rescued a dog with horrible breath and a dental exam by our vet resulted in 10 rotten teeth being removed. I’d make sure there’s no dental infection first.

My vet recommended a product called Oxyfresh Oral Hygiene solution. Only available online: http://www.oxyfresh.com/pet/
You just add it to their drinking water.

We also give our dog a pea sized amount of Virbac Enzymatic dog toothpaste every day. I think it’s only available through vets but that and the Oxyfresh have eliminated the bad breath and seem to have stopped any more dental decay. We tried brushing with a baby toothbrush with comic failure but my vet says just getting the toothpaste and Oxyfresh in my dog’s mouth is pretty effective.


I don’t usually comment but stinky dog breath is a topic I can get behind! We just started using DentaTreat on our dog’s food and we have noticed an AMAZING difference. It was recommended at our pet store instead of brushing. Apparently when you sprinkle (it’s a powder) it on the dogs food it gets up into all the nooks and crannies. Anyway, we really noticed a difference after only a few days, which was a surprise because we thought we were stuck with the stanky breath! It’s basically made of cheese (?) and our dog LOVES it. I like it cause it’s way easier than trying to brush his teeth!


We have 3 stinky doggie breaths that love to breath right over us. I was using greenies till I found out how bad they are for the pooches – not really shocking when you look at how plasticy they are.

So I make my own doggy cookies, they are fantastic. I love baking when the recipients get SOOOO excited and LOVE everything I bake. I use a basic recipe with no sugar and put in mint and parsley (which I grow in the house) and bingo – no bad breath. I highly recommend it and its WAY cheaper than buying treats, especially how many we go through.


Brush his teeth regularly. It helps with oral hygiene as well as bad breath, and teeth problems in dogs can get expensive!