a holiday air freshener – that’s green!


I adore the smell of holidays … pine, cinnamon, mint, crackling fires … Those fragrant smells usually put me in a state of calm after a long day of holiday shopping or planning. Since I don’t purchase a live holiday tree, or have a fireplace, I’m always on the lookout for a way to bring those scents to my home without too much work. I’ve purchased a lot of holiday candles, cinnamon pinecones, and other scent-givers over the years, but I find my favorites are the ones that come from nature. I just tried one I saw on The Kitchn last year, with great success! I used an orange, added cloves and a tealight, and now my home smells amazingly festive! I’m sure this would also work with grapefruits and other citrus. Be sure to put your candleholder on a small plate or glass cup before lighting. They can get hot! What do you do to warm up your home? –Rebecca F.

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When the weather turns chilly I make spiced cider simmered in a crock pot on low all day. It makes the whole place smell great and tastes amazing.


I LOVE WARM CIDER! seriously, it makes me so happy!

Great idea! Nature always provides the best fragrances!
-Deb for Ecover

I watched the tutorial and I’m a little confused. At the end- did they pull the wick out of a tealight and put it in olive oil? It seems like that would just burst into flames (festive!) so that doesn’t seem right.