do you salvage a cracked mirror?


I had an unfortunate accident happen a few weeks ago. The hanging wire on my beloved dining room mirror gave out, and the mirror slid down the wall and crashed onto the floor. Luckily the frame took the brunt of the impact and the mirror only cracked – not shattered – into 2 pieces.

The price for getting a new mirror cut to fit the frame was exorbitant, so instead I brainstormed some ways to salvage the cracked pieces. Since the wall behind the mirror is covered with maps, I decided to let the crack help me integrate both the mirror and the wall coverings into a single piece of artwork. I used blue painters tape (perfect color!) and created a sort of abstract river covering the crack and extending onto the walls. I intend to have it branch above the frame as soon as I can locate a ladder to reach that high! What do you think? I’m pretty sure this technique would also work with vinyl wall decals as well. And the crack could easily become a climbing vine, garland, tree branch, or lightning bolt, depending on your taste and wall color.

Other options I came up with were to cover the crack with cut-out sections of maps or photos of places I had visited or use a mirror patina to age the mirror and make the crack less noticeable. What would you do? –Rebecca F.

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I bought this great mirrored 60’s wall/shelf/picture thing (no clue how to describe it, but it’s a great big piece behind my couch) at a vintage store for cheap, because it had a crack running through the corner. I bought a vinyl branch-and-birds decal at Target and cut it apart so that I could place the branches across the crack, and then integrated it with the rest of the decal. You can’t even tell it had a crack and the decal added a unique element to the piece!

The concept is definitely a good one; the thought of one of my big gorgeous mirrors brings chills! I would have suggested something more along with what Whitney said. The blue tape idea could work, but to me it feels too obvious. One way to integrate the blue tape better with the rest of the surrounding artwork may be to put other rivers and topographical markings in a noticeable bright way?

I know this post and thread is from last year, but I just found it now and wanted to share… :)