on my list: a colorful 2011 calendar

Flora Douville

Back in the end of 2009, I was all about Snow & Graham’s big, beautiful wall calendar. Now, I’m excited for a particularly bright, shiny new year and am looking for the calendar to match. In the year calendar department, I’m swooning over the 2011 Antonia Calendar by Michelle Armas, At $30, it doubles as a signed piece of art when the year is done. The Places I Have Never Been Calendar, $25 at JHillDesign entertains flights of fancy with vibrant patterns inspired by the designer’s imaginary vacations, and includes a note about the destination and inspiration of the print for each month, while Flora Douville’s watercolor calendar, $16, is a subtle yet stunning take on color. What do you think, readers? Any front runners in your calendar hunt? –Sarah C.

via The Neo-Traditionalist, Cornflake Dreams & Simple Lovely

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