inside-the-box gift idea: playing with cardboard


Bring home anything and kids always seem to think that the cardboard box it comes in is the coolest part. (Growing up, I remember when my best friend’s parents bought a new refrigerator and we got a new fort out of it. Score!) But, in this case, the cardboard really is the best part — because it’s designed to be a tree, a cooker, a playhouse, a rocket or a dollhouse. Unlike cardboard nursery gear, which raised some safety concerns when we posted about it earlier this year, these imagination-boosting cardboard products for toddlers and school-aged kids are getting positive buzz on design sites and making appearances in interior design magazines. The concept and price tag won me over … we’ll have the Color Me House playhouse under our tree this year — the moon and star cutouts in the roof are definite upgrades from my fort days! –Ginny F.

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I like the rocket one too! Will you use crayons, markers, paint or all of the above?


Actually, I was thinking about using that IdeaPaint as a base, so she could change it whenever she wants.

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