post off: whaddya want for christmas (or the holiday of your choice)?



It’s so very unsexy, but for the longest time I have wanted a garment steamer — maybe this one from Jiffy. Or perhaps the commercial version. Or should I say, I wanted a steamer until I started reading about the Xbox Kinect, and now I have the overpowering urge to revel in controller-free gaming — and I have never owned any kind of gaming console or device, ever. (Hmm, which photo above looks like more fun? Hmmm…) Maybe all this seems a bit crass — I do think the holidays are about giving, not getting. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think about it. Anything on your wish list yet? — Mary T.

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Stephen Wood

I actually reseplaceed steamers this a few years ago. The reason I finally decided against a stand-up model was that even if you use it three times a week, you still have to store the damn thing always. I read this Slate article and have determined to get the Jiffy Handheld, but have never gotten around to it. So yeah, it’s on my wish list. If anyone wants to get it for me, that’d be awesome.

I really didn’t think of presents for myself at all this year (kinda surprising for an only child, riiiight?) but all I really wanted was to have the bf home from overseas for the holidays (and to get the damage done to my car during the last snowstorm fixed.)

Sarah L.

i’d really love an ipad, but can’t bring myself to justify it. i’d be perfectly happy with a big stack of books under the tree, though!