five things we learned last week


1) Some pet toys are just as much fun for us. The Cats Attack! Scratching Post is one such item. Kristi says: “Oh my goodness, I want a cat just so I can see him play with this.”

2) Bonsai trees offer a fun alternative to traditional Christmas decorating. We love Martha Stewart’s take on the idea and we’re not alone. ModFruGal says: “I have a small one and just added 3 vintage birds to it…no baubles and it looks festive without being fussy.”

3) Elf on the Shelf is a fun but work-intensive tradition. Moving the elf every night is a tall order, but keeping him on the tree during the holidays seems to be a manageable solution. Aimee says: “My family has an elf tradition dating back to when my mother was a child. Only this elf resided in the tree and didn’t move every night. When I was a child, it was the same-stuck in the tree. Now that we have a family, it’s the same. I’m not hiding it again every single evening.”

4) A tech support care package is a welcome addition to many inboxes. Google’s got’em and we can’t say it’s a bad idea! Ginny says: “Do they have an option for sending a tech support dude to live with your parents? I think I would need that option.”

5) Architectural tableware has appeal. Katie D. spotted Seletti and Selab’s Palace Stacking Tableware and it’d make a fine set in your dream china cabinets. Brianna says: “While, I still absolutely adore my china pattern these would be really cool to own. It would be great to register for a wedding, honestly 6 place settings for around $600 isn’t that bad of a price. Well, if your thinking wedding set… Compared to my everyday Target plates, now that’s another story.”

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