delish gift: tiny gingerbread men in chocolate pants


My new friend Marja recently gifted us with some homemade gingerbread men that were devoured almost as soon as I opened the container. (I actually had to hide the one you see above to ensure that I’d be able to get a photo.) Not only was the tininess of the cookies adorable, because they were so small, they were softer and chewier than gingerbread men usually are. Marja said that she decided to make tiny gingerbread men when it was just plain tiring to make the larger version — she and her husband kept running out of dipping chocolate and dough trying to make enough to give as gifts. She says that she increased the ginger spices in the cookies slightly because it tastes better with the chocolate. I can attest, they are all gone — this one was eaten as soon as I hit “save.” — Mary T.

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These are so much easier in tiny format! And so delectable. Get your semi-sweet chocolate out, folks, and dip away. Not only do they taste better with chocolate (what doesn’t?) they look cuter, too!

Giving the gingerbread men chocolate pants to wear also helps reduce your neighbors’ calls to the police due to indecent exposure.

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[…] Gingermen are stylish and sweet when outfitted in chocolate pants. Mary’s friend Marja gifted them to her saying the smaller size also makes the little guys chewier. An added bonus? They’re not naked. […]