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I must have read “Little House in the Big Woods” 20 times growing up. It wasn’t until I became a parent, however, that I decided to try and make maple syrup snow candy myself. Now it’s something that we do every year, without fail. In the book, the making of maple syrup brought the whole extended family together for a dance and hard work, of course. There was the hauling in of the sap buckets, the heating of the big kettles, the stirring for hours on end. Fortunately for us, making it now is as simple as grabbing syrup from the store and waiting for a good snowfall.

To start, heat up about a cup of real maple syrup on the stove until it begins to bubble. Add one tablespoon of butter and stir until melted. Keep stirring for 6-7 minutes so it doesn’t boil over. (You’ll know it’s ready when the syrup mix starts to form hard balls when it drips off the spoon.) Remove from heat. While the syrup mixture is cooling for a few minutes, run outside and fill several plates or roasting pans with snow. Bring in and drizzle spoonfuls of the syrup mixture over the snow. (Just make sure everyone stands back for this part, especially the little ones. Although the mix has cooled a bit, it’s still very hot!) That’s it — instant maple candy. Want an even easier way? If the first snowfall happens to hit right before bedtime, you’ll get no complaints if you drizzle syrup straight out of the fridge over the snow. It won’t be quite as candy-like, but it’s still the perfect winter treat of sweet and cold. — Sarah L.

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Awww! This makes my heart smile. I was obsessed with Little House and tried to make this once myself, but it didn’t quite work out the way I imagined it from the book. Maybe because the snow in Georgia isn’t quite, well, snow…more like slush.

Thanks for this post!

Sarah L.

kris, you’re welcome! you can also make it over vanilla ice cream if there’s no snow to be found. not quite the same, but smile-worthy nonetheless.

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oh wow! i’m blog-famous now. :D

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