lists made simple with google documents

google docs

This may be so very “Type A” of me, but hear me out. It’s been a crazy year with friends getting married and moving, so my address organization is in less than stellar shape, to be kind. Luckily, just before sitting down for a marathon coffee and holiday card writing session I was introduced to the form function in Google Documents. This piece of Google’s stable of handy applications allows you to create, er, forms with customizable fields that can be easily mailed to contacts. The most genius part? Google then creates a running spreadsheet in your account that is updated in real time as recipients fill out the form. I asked for addresses, designating fields for name, street name, number and apartment, city, state and zip code and by the time I sat down to write I had an organized list of contact information for everyone who will be receiving a little cheer this year. Simple? Yes, but a little trick that makes a big difference! –Sarah C.

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okay, this is awesome! (running to check it out now…)