making christmas memories: crocheted ornaments

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It will be a long time before my wee ones are out on their own and decorating for the holidays. In the meantime, however, I have a talented mother-in-law who likes to keep busy making things. So when she asked me last Christmas if we needed more crocheted snowflakes and bells for our tree, I could tell she was disappointed when I truthfully answered, “No.” Then I suggested she keep making as many as she likes and I’ll put them in my hope chest for when the kids are grown. Fast forward a year, and I’d forgotten about the conversation until MIL handed me two Ziploc bags full of a dozen bells and a dozen snowflakes each. Although they won’t see any use for over a decade and aren’t mine to keep, they’re easily my favorite gift of the season so far. Want to try your hand at crocheted snowflakes? Free instructions here. — Sarah L.

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I love crochet snowflakes!! I love to crochet them, too. I know some people think they’re kind of hokey, so I crochet them in different colors to give them a fresher look. Pink snowflakes, anyone?