post off: what are your new year’s traditions?

“Tradition!” (sung in my heartiest Tevye voice). Sure, just about everyone stays up until midnight to ring in the new year, and I’ve mentioned before about the tradition of eating blackeyed peas on New Year’s Day, but there are tons of different New Years traditions celebrated all over the globe. In Japan, it’s customary to eat buckwheat soba before the end of the year to sever any possibility of hardship carrying over into the new year, and in Spain people celebrate by eating churros and hot chocolate (note to self: celebrate new year’s 2012 in Spain). My personal favorite is the Danish custom of smashing old dishes against friends doors to celebrate the new year — a raucous stress reliever, and an excuse to get rid of all the chipped, mismatched dishes in the cupboards. What about you, dear readers? How will you be trumpeting the arrival of 2011? –Megan B.

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My family cleans house from top to bottom, always puts coins at each window sill in the home and makes sure that the 1st person through our doors after mid-night is darked haired – even if he’s bald ;) – Happy New Year!