want it now: the thermomix


It’s almost too good to believe: one appliance that can do everything. But it’s true! The Vorwerk Thermomix measures, chops, grinds, kneads AND cooks your food for you, while you relax. This German-made multitasker is all the rage in Europe, with many top chefs using them in their kitchens and writing cookbooks specifically for it. I was skeptical when I first heard about it, but after looking online and reading reviews, I’ve come to covet the Thermomix, or at least see it in action myself. Problem is, it’s not readily available here in the US (as mentioned in this Wall Street Journal article and this one in the New York Times), and it’s not available online or in stores, only through licensed Thermomix representatives. Bummer. Guess I’ll be making a trip to Canada soon, since you can get one much more easily there. Can any readers with experience chime in? I’m dying to know! –Megan B.

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Thanks for noticing Thermomix and mentioning it here. Yes, it REALLY is THAT good. Before I got mine, I was as skeptical as a person can be, but am now fully converted and it’s almost all I ever use for cooking. Thermomix makes kitchen time so much more fun and it allows me to explore a range of culinary ‘challenges’ that I never would have considered before. Now I regularly make things like Hollandaise, risotto, grind my own wheat, bake my own breads, make pie crust and butter from scratch. I even started blogging about it all at http://www.SuperKitchenMachine.com – and no, I don’t sell the thing, I’m just nuts about it!

Sarah L.

Looks cool. Curious as to what it would retail for when it hits the States.