room redesign: what a difference a gray makes!


We’ve been working on fixing up our little apartment since we moved in a year and a half ago, and for all the painting, sanding and decorating we’ve done, our smallest bedroom hasn’t seen its fair share of love. At just a touch larger than 4’x 6’, the tiny space comes with it’s own unique décor dilemmas and besides patching holes, painting and tossing in a bed and an Ikea Malm dresser, we’ve left it alone. But for a long time it irked me. The bedspread was too much; the paint color too sea-foamy, but because we may move in the next year, I was hesitant to address it. Then I finally decided to make a day of the project. Having a place I love is important to me, and the benefit of a microscopic room is that it can be painted in a day with a toothbrush if need be, so I took the plunge. Picking a paint color has always been a challenge but it proved even more difficult with such a tiny space. I wanted something light and calming, but not white, because I was planning on pulling the trigger on the pin-tuck duvet of my dreams, and what better place to glean inspiration than from someone who already owned it and was also painting her room? Rachel DeSchepper of Fresh Home shared her thoughts on my pin-tuck problem, so I popped over to her room-redo and loved what she did with a light gray (Benjamin Moore’s Whitestone) in her bedroom. After much obsessing over paint chips, I settled on Benjamin Moore’s Silver Fox, which I loved: not too light too be overlooked, too heavy to make the room look dark, or cold enough to inspire jail cell chic. And no sooner had I gleefully lugged home a gallon, I stumbled upon Shelterpop’s “Paint Color Trends to Move On From”. First on the list? “Greige”. Oy! Click to see the outcome of my mini room redesign!

Gray has indeed enjoyed a renaissance in recent years (non-colors: so hot right now) and while debatably overplayed, I wanted a simple look that would keep the room calm and allow me to dress it up with a few pops of color. A few hours and a trip to West Elm later my little space took on a whole new look. What do you think readers? Was gray the right choice, or are you over it? What next? I’d love to put some framed photos up, and maybe the print from the Michelle Armas Antonia calendar that I plan on purchasing, but I’m looking for ideas. Scale is a big consideration for this tiny space! –Sarah C.

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Love it!


it looks so much more restful now. I like the calendar a lot but it is funny how the colors are so similar to your former room (duvet).
I have been in love with my grey bedroom from day one, but I noticed that i liked it much more when the hallway outside the door was light sunny yellow, a couple years ago I went with a tan hallway and now the gray/tan is too much. So a pop of a pretty pale color is my suggestion. I have baby pink in my vanity nook and that works too. Who knew I was a buttercup and honeysuckle girl after all?

Also, the flowers look lovingly sentimental, but depressingly miss Havisham.


Also I think this may be a time for larger scale, less intense art. Something that mirrors the window maybe on that big open wall to the right.


It looks very serene and fresh now. :-)

I painted my apartment two shades of gray but I like it–not because it was the “in” color but because I like gray. :-D I think you should just go with what you like regardless of what the experts say. I’m going with black framed, white matted, neutral toned art (sketches, photos, etc. all from friends and teachers) at my place but that might be too neutral for some folks.

Stop worrying about trends and what other people will think. It’s a much prettier room now than it was before, and if you love it that’s all that matters.

Beautiful transformation. Now you just need some art on the walls and you’ll be set. With that soft grey you’ll be able to use vibrant color to bring life into the room. A rich tone of any color will do :) Love the pintucks by the way!

Well, obviously, I think it looks absolutely lovely and am so flattered I helped inspire you!

Megan B.

I LOVE that gray! Looks gorgeous, Sarah!

Mary T.

Yeah, great job! I covet your bedspread too.


That looks like a room that is just begging for someone to come and take a big, cozy nap in it. Well done!

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