in five: gingerbread cake with pumpkin cream cheese frosting

We’re at that point of winter break where I’m starting to feel like a cross between Julie the cruise ship director and a prison warden. Add in figuring out three regular meals a day plus holiday meals, and I’m ready for something quick and easy. This one-bowl treat was just the thing. All you need is one box gingerbread cake mix (I used Trader Joe’s) made to directions, a sprinkle of powdered sugar and a tub of Philadelphia Pumpkin Spice cream cheese. Serve while still warm, then sit back and relax. — Sarah L.

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Megan B

Sarah, this photo is gorgeous!

Sarah L.

thanks! hubs and i gave each other a new camera for xmas. still learning it but so much easier!

Angela M

Yum. I saw the gingerbread mix at TJ and was wondering how it was. I will try it now!