simply floored: new designs from flor



I’m constantly on the quest for the perfect rug: something stylish, affordable, and durable enough to standup to the abuse from two less-than-tidy adults and two poorly-behaved felines. An option I’ve been considering is FLOR, since it’s totally customizable, affordable, and easy to repair when damaged. I must say, after receiving their most recent catalog, I’m even more intrigued. They’ve got a bunch of new designs that would work well in our space, such as the Missoni-esque Mag-neat-o-radiant, $24.99/tile. Even more appealing is the Sophistikat, a modern, chevron ikat pattern priced at a much more moderate $12.99/tile. But apparently, everyone’s digging the Sophistikat — it’s currently backordered (cue sad trombone). I better find the right choice soon, because between now and Feb. 2, FLOR is offering free shipping on first orders with code CBLM5RA7. –Megan B.

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Angela M

OMG love these new looks. But previous experience with FLOR tiles is that it was really hard to get them to stick together, they moved all the time in a high-traffic area. Did anyone else have these problems?

Mary T

Tempted to say: The heck with the carpet, I want those chairs!! Angela, I think people in the past have recommended good old-fashioned duct tape. (You’d kind of think Flor would have addressed these concerns by now…)