five things we learned last week


1) While not great for kids, we’ve got measuring spoons that are both adorable and actually usable. ModCloth has our number with these Scoops of Flower spoons planted in their own handy pot. DJ says: “Very sweet. I am reminded of the “florist” measuring cups at Anthropologie, but those don’t look too functional, as they have an inner line for the measurement. These spoons look as if they would be functional as well as pretty.”

2) When it comes to New Orleans, you know your food joints. Katie D. asked for recommendations and you had many. Brenna says: “Just spent the holidays in New Orleans and I’m pretty sure all we did was eat…. Highlights were: Stanley’s, Acme Oyster House (go early to lunch to avoid waiting in line), and a finish at Commander’s Palace. A native of NOLA recommended Dominica, but we just ran out of time, and we also wanted to try to the sister restaurant to Stanley’s – Stella’s. Happy Eating!” Where do you eat in New Orleans?

3) We love Windsors, including West Elm’s new take on the style. Ellie says: “Gasp, I do have West Elm Windsor love. I actually scrolled back and said, “Wait, what?”
I do totally love this, I wonder how the construction is though, no West Elm nearby. I am doubting that it has that same engineering that allows real quality Windsors to have strong tighter spindles, especially in the legs, over time.”

4) Gray can be exactly what the doctor ordered. Sarah C. shared her room redesign and her new gray walls are reader-approved! Kimberj says: “Beautiful transformation. Now you just need some art on the walls and you’ll be set. With that soft grey you’ll be able to use vibrant color to bring life into the room. A rich tone of any color will do Love the pintucks by the way!”

5) Art on our iPhones? Yes, please. Brainpickings and Society6 are making it happen. Ellie says: “Oh awesome. Cheaper than the etched bamboo ones I was looking at before Christmas and more durable than the old standby skins.”

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