neat and cheap: hip drawer liners from hammocks & high tea

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I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions…they just seem like a breeding ground for disappointment. But a good January “start-the-year-off-fresh” cleaning spree? Now you’re talking!

This year, I’ve decided it’s my closet that’s in dire need of a makeover. I live in an old Victorian house, with a closet that could be called scattered on its best day, and a complete disaster the rest of the time. With shoes I keep meaning to put back in their boxes, rolling racks standing in for hanging rods, and shelves I can’t access without an advanced course in gymnastics, there’s just a general feeling of disorganization and disarray in what should be the happiest room in the house for a fashion blogger .

While a major remodel is out of the question, I’m convinced it’s the little things that are going to remedy this disaster. Like, for example, these beautiful drawer liners from Hammocks & High Tea (don’t you just love the name?). I adore the hip chevron and ikat-inspired patterns, and I also love that you can pick from a half dozen barely-there scents (or go unscented if you prefer). I’ll be adding a bit of amber or lavender/lemongrass to the mix, to help counteract the “musty old house” scent my closet’s currently wearing.

For $25, you get a generous set of six sheets, which will cover quite a bit of space. And since they’re non-adhesive, I don’t have to stress about cutting and applying them with engineer-grade perfection. Genius!

Now I just have to tackle that shoe situation. –Becki S.

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Wow they’re fab! Here in the uk we have Drawer Liners which are scented and are quite a bit cheaper too :)