collecting cornishware


When I stumbled across my first Cornishware canister, I had no idea what it was — only that unlike all the new canisters I had looked at, it would hold considerably less than a five-pound bag of flour and take up less counterspace. Perfect. So I bided my time and won the right-sized blue and white canister on ebay UK. Then I bided my time a bit more while it made it’s way across the water to me. And then, I fell in love. In the years since, I’ve had plenty of time to read up on T.G. Green’s Cornishware and acquire a few more canisters until — gasp — the staple since 1926 shuttered its doors in 2007. Fortunately, a group of fans resurrected the brand in 2008. Now you can buy the iconic blue and white ware through their online store or Amazon. If you’re looking for the older canisters with the serif typeface, ebay is still a good place to start.


If blue and white isn’t quite your thing, now there’s Cornish red, too. Initially designed in the 50s, the red color proved to hard to consistently reproduce so except for samples, it was never produced. Of course, a few samples escaped, a following was built and now, 50-odd years later, technology is on the side of die-hard red fans. Cornish Red is available in all 50 pieces of the Cornishware collection. Get yours here. — Sarah L.

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Megan B

That Cornish red is calling my name. Come to me, lover!

Sarah L.

It is kinda sassy, isn’t it? And I’m sure they have a Cornish red canister that would hold some flapjacks : )


I missed this post–but it was my birthday.

there are other colors too, and I really like the cups in colors supposedly inspired by seaside bunting and croquet balls. The other neat thing is that you can have Cornishware personalized. Storage jars, mugs, and a jam pot. I got my sister the largest jar and had “Abnormal” put on it. (From Young Frankenstein.)

I also adore the pale pink and yellow, but I really don’t need more dishes, even if I do love the glaze..


That jar was a Christmas present, BTW. It’s wonderful that you can get Cornishware so easily now online, when my sister was fitting out her beach house in the late 90s she had a complete Cornishware dinner service shipped to the US from Harrods. That’s the great thing about Harrods, they’ll ship anything they sell anywhere with only a phone call and a credit card.

Sarah L.

Pencils, I’ve been dying to get a personalized jar to hold M&Ms. We used them as potty training treats and years later, the kids still refer to them as PeePee Candy. Maybe for my birthday, I’ll treat myself : )