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peabody's penthouse (2)

Take an exclusive tour of the swinging mid-century pad of Mr. Peabody at Stopping Off Place. His influence has obviously been huge on design today. Via Dinosaurs and Robots.

Readymade is helping to make midwinter bright and cheery with this charming little DIY starlight candle in a jar.

CasaSugar clues us in to Amy Butler’s new quilted coverlet collection, a more muted version of Amy’s delightful pattern magic.

Helpful hints for the dreaded speed clean, courtesy of Design Pop Interiors.

The Paint Quality Institute released their list of 2011 paint trends, and Charles & Hudson was there to disseminate the info. Looks like we’ll be seeing even more of the blues

Likelihood is that there’s snow where you are right now. Swiss-Miss has got the perfect winter multi-tasker — the beautiful Elephant chair, designed to also be used as a sled. All kinds of awesome!

And after a grueling day of chair-sledding, what could be more comforting that cozying up to a warm bowl of baked mushroom risotto with caramelized onions at the Kitchn. No stirring required.

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