holiday wrap up: store your holiday lights on paper tubes


For those of us who decide not to leave up the lights

I finally got around to taking my holiday decorations down this weekend … my little fake Christmas tree gets stuffed back into its garbage bag, and my holiday wreath into its box. I also had several strings of holiday lights up on my porch that need to be tucked away. I got to thinking — every year I spend 20 minutes untangling lights, no matter how neatly I think I wind them up the year before. Next year will be different though! I did a little brainstorming and came up with a storage trick that I think will help – I wrapped my lights around a cardboard paper towel tube, cutting a slit in one end to keep the cord and plug from unraveling. I think this will make putting up my lights a snap next year! What storage tricks do you have? –- Rebecca F.

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I always save a wrapping paper tube for this very purpose! I also decided that instead of seplaceing and seplaceing for the star tree-topper in the boxes and boxes of ornaments, I would tape my star to the tree box this year. …I’ll have to get back to you on how it does with a big move ahead of us this year!

Megan B

I always store our fragile glass ornaments in empty beer 6 pack holders. Recycling, AND it keeps my vintage lovelies safe and sound… Wine boxes are good for this as well…

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