this ceiling fan fix: what do you think?


This “ceiling fan upgrade” DIY at House*Tweaking really has fans, so to speak — I first saw it when an enthusiastic friend posted it to Facebook. I can certainly understand wanting to hide a fan you don’t like, and her ceiling fan isn’t the kind I’d choose, but it looked new and is fairly inoffensive — a lot better than the 1970s version currently hanging above my bed. (And we own our house so we have no excuse; we should have replaced ours by now.) I also worried that the chandelier would make noise when the fan is on (or at least distracting movement), but Dana at House*Tweaking says that it’s not an issue as long as the speed doesn’t go above medium. (And just in case Dana sees this post, I do just love lots of what’s on her site — this mini mudroom for instance! Genius!) What do you think of the fan fix, and have you come up with any other quick fixes for unattractive fixtures in your space? — Mary T.

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Love the mini mudroom!!! I think the fan fix has lots of potential. If the fan blades were repainted gloss white it would update it tremendously. Just my opinion :)

As long as the fan works and it’s not an eyesore (which it’s not), I’m all for it…


I took down a very similar looking fan in favor of a $20 craigslist chandelier, but it was a harrowing two days and I now have a cute teardrop burn in my forearm exactly the shape of a chandelier bulb. It is like a brand.

So I understand the quick fix, but oh God, I wouldn’t want to draw the eye to that mutant.


It’s a clever attempt, and I do like the capiz chandelier, but I think it draws attention to the fan in an unflattering way.

i like it! is it noisy when the fan is on?

Sarah L.

i mostly just try to ignore that we have ceiling fans in name of the greater good/lightening the load on the hvac. that said, i do like kimberj’s idea of painting the blades white. then they’d blend into the ceiling and let the capiz be the star.


I agree with the first post, if the blades were painted white or off white, it would look nicer. I also think I wouldn’t have bothered trying to spruce it up, but would have replaced it with a different fixture.


i’m sorry, but that’s just fugly.

as long as the fan doesn’t go above medium? um, what’s the point of a ceiling fan if you aren’t going to use it’s strongest speed?

if the fan was that much of a bother, get rid of it and stick a normal light fixture up.