five things we learned last week


1) Outdoor lights bring cheer all year. Mary T. passed along the idea of keeping your Christmas lights up after the holidays and many of you can get behind the notion. Nutmegg says: “I love that idea! January is such a bummer of a month.”

2) We’re ready for tasty alternatives to wine for the host. Salt plates, peppercorns and honey all made our list. David says: “Excellent ideas! I can’t wait to put them to good use. I always feel a kinda lame when everyone invited shows up with a bottle of wine- myself included. I know wine is the go-to standard, but it rapidly starts to lose it’s thoughtful touch when everyone does it by default.”

3) You don’t have to throw that shower liner away! Save money and time by washing yours and reusing it. Sarah E. says: “It might last through more washes than you think! I wash the shower curtain liners in my house every few months using the same method. We’ve had the same liners for at least four years now and they’re still practically as good as new. Good luck with your eco-efforts!”

4) We could be wrong, but, well no, we’re not wrong: you HATE doing dishes. Megan B. asked about your preferences between using a dishwasher and hand washing, and let’s just say we’re hoping Santa has room in his sleigh for some dishwashers next year. Kat says: “After years of living with a dishwasher, I’m in a condo with a tiny kitchen and none. I wash dishes by hand and absolutely HATE it. I can’t seem to bring myself to do them when its only a few dirty, so they pile up. Then I have a huge mess to clean up.”

5) Forget pancakes, we’ve got flapjack fever and the only prescription is Megan B.’s recipe. Ula says: “I have GOT to try these! Thanks for sharing.”

From our partners

I love the salt plate and peppercorn ideas as gifts for a host or hostess! I recently discovered Sustainable Sourcing and found that they have a great array of Himalayan salt serving ware and organic peppercorns. I will certainly be shopping for host gifts from there!