steal this idea: under the table playhouse


Second only to the arrival of the occasional discarded refrigerator box, playing house in self-made forts was my favorite way to while away my childhood hours. Little Sarah would have loved (and probably ravaged) the Color Me House, and she definitely would have had a ball with this playhouse under the table, expertly crafted by Jean of The Artful Parent. The custom design would surely save time in hauling out and folding away would-be fort linens, and the craft itself would be a fun and creative project for kids and adults alike. –Sarah C.

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Oh, what a sweet and clever thing for that person to have sewn. A perfect easy on-easy off slipcover. What fun her kid(s) must have. We used to get yelled at by my mom for raiding the beds for linens and pillows and making a mess in the living room making our forts.

I definitely remember the days of playing with the cardboard container, rather than the toy that came in it. I think it was because the former gave me, as a kid, more of an opportunity to exercise my imagination, and try to come up with all of the things I could pretend that container was…

The table fort is adorable and I love that it would be so easy to take it off, roll it up, and store it away until the next fort day. This also reminds me of a book I used to love when I was little called “Christina Katerina and the Box,” about a girl who has a day full of fun with a large cardboard box. Love this idea!