help! what should I do with all of these lemons?


Of course the obvious choice would be lemonade, which, trust me, I’ve considered. But I’ve got 32 juicy lemons to work through. How did I end up with such a fine cache of citrus? A dear friend and recent Arizona transplant had to strip her tree to avert the impending frost, so a big priority box of fragrant desert sunshine arrived on my doorstep! I’ve been entertaining quite a few options: homemade Limoncello, for one, has been appealing to me; but I’m not patient enough to wait the month-plus it requires. I could whip up a monster batch of Lisa’s rosemary lemon simple syrup and make cocktails and sodas; but I’m really looking for something more substantial, maybe something savory. Readers, what should I make? The best suggestion just may end up featured here as a future real life test kitchen… — Megan B.

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mmm, lemons!

scones, lemon bars, custard, and muffins first come to mind

but one of my favorite desserts is an angel food cake, cut into two layers, with lemon curd in between, then iced with a fluffy lemon frosting. It turns out Alton has a recipe for lemon curd! I may have to try this myself.

you’ll have to let us all know what you do with them!


Lemon Curd can be used on scones or bread or as filling in cakes:

Many Middle Eastern recipes use preserved lemons (although you’ll have to wait just like you would with limoncello), the benefit is using all parts of the lemon and they are common in many savory dishes


Make Dutch Baby Pancakes and top them with lemon juice and powdered sugar. It won’t use up all the lemons but it will be delicious!


How about lemon curd or lemon sorbet? Even though I have never had them, I understand that preserved lemons are used in many savory dishes from the Middle East (I think), and it always sounds so delicious. They’re cured with salt, I believe. Or else you could always just zest and juice them and freeze for future use.

you could make 11 of these cute tarts & have a lemon leftover, hahaha

Yesssss, lemon curd!

I’ve been trying to come up with lots of lemon recipes because Meyer lemons are in season, and I love them! Every day at work I’ve been adorning my regular glasses of water with a slice of lemon. I also made my own sour mix for margaritas. Then I made this Citrus Chicken recipe, but with pork (you can find my comment on the page).

Up next, I may try a lemon tart! You can also juice the lemons and freeze the juice to save for later, and then use the juiced halves sprinkled with salt to clean around the house. Thin slices dehydrated in the oven on its lowest setting make a lovely potpourri. There’s also the options of lemon curd, lemon confit, or preserved lemons!

We have a very prolific lemon tree. We make lots of lemon bars and we’ve made limoncello and preserved lemons as well. And you can freeze the lemon juice in ice cube trays and then save it in ziploc bags to use all through the year. We also just made Christine Ferbers lemon jam from her cookbook “Mes Confitures” and it is super delicious. Tastes like sunshine! I am also thinking of making some candied lemon peel if I get time.


Ha, I wasn’t trying to copy Heather, when I submitted mine was the second comment! On the other hand, great ideas, Heather!

Sarah L.

ditto on the lemon curd. you can mail a case to me!

Sarah C.

These are all great ideas! I was going to say lemonheads. Like, the candy, but there are too many great ideas here to sour the atmosphere with a joke. <——-SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!?!

Go for the angelfood cake, the lemon jam, lemon bars. LEMON ICECREAM! Lemon sorbet…..


Make many loaves of Ina Garten’s extremely yummty Yogurt Lemon Cake and give them to your neighbors and friends or freeze for dinner parties. Each batch calls for 1/3 cup lemon juice and 2 tsp. grated rind.


i vote for lemon curd! i found some meyer lemons in indianapolis last winter (a rare treat for us midwesterners) and whipped up a batch…SO yummy. and a nice bright spot in winter! :)

If you ever use lemon juice for cooking (which I do A LOT), a great way to use up excess lemons without the going to waste is to make ice cubes out of the juice. This way, you can use them before they go bad and then you always have lemon juice available for cooking with – just pop a couple cubes into your dish and call it a day!

I made a few jars of preserved lemons this year when I spotted a bag of lemons on clearance. If you want to do preserved lemons and have never had them, I would suggest you only do one jar to test it first. I’m finding that they’re a bit of an acquired taste. It’s growing on me and it does leave a bright citrusy note in savoury dishes, but it’s a very specific taste that might not be liked by all. I wish I would have saved some of my lemons for lemon curd instead of preserving all of them. Now I have 2 1/2 jars sitting around and I feel like I’ve exchanged one problem for another!

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You could make your own furniture cleaner (2 parts vegetable oil per one part fresh lemon juice). Or all-purpose green cleaner using lemon juice, vinegar and water – it keeps much longer than the food! Or lemon juice infused olive oil for use when cooking.

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