own a piece of roadside america: seattle’s walker rock garden house is for sale


You may remember the Walker Rock Garden, the house with the amazing backyard that I wrote about in 2009. Recent repainting and replanting at the house, which is just a couple blocks from my own, got me wondering, and now my suspicions are confirmed: the home’s owners, grandchildren of the original owners, can no longer keep the place up and are looking to sell. But here’s the good news: they are going to do everything they can to sell to someone who will not only agree to keep up the rock garden, but who will be enthusiastic about doing so and will still open the garden to the public on occasion. To that end, they have not yet listed the house but are doing some initial PR to generate interest and feel out potential buyers. You know who wants this house? Badly? So badly she can taste it? Me, me, ME. I walk by that house almost every day, and nearly every time think something to myself like, “I wish I owned that place and could prune those rhododendrons,” or “Imagine hosting a garden party on that incredible petrified-wood patio,” or “If I owned that place, I would replace that fence, and fix the fountains, and invite people to have their weddings there!” Alas, real estate is expensive, we already own one house, and for me, this may remain a pipe dream. But for you, perhaps…? Learn more about the Walker Rock Garden and how to contact the sellers right here. – Mary T.

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Megan B

I wasn’t kidding yesterday when I said we should buy it and start an event/ catering business there… Not too many fabulous Seattle event spaces. Investors, leave your comments here!!

Mary T.

A realtor friends says I’m crazy. : )

Sarah L.

What is the house like? Just curious because in all the pics, it’s hard to get a sense. I assume it’s the white house and the brown one is the next door neighbor’s? Wonder if the real estate listing will show the inside of the house.

Mary T.

Well, the house is fairly small and pretty run down from outside. They’ve worked on it a bit recently, but it’s missing gutters in parts. I’d estimate it was built in the mid-40s like most around here. White board, cute, needs love. I’ve sort-of seen the kitchen from when we took a tour, and it’s definitely bigger than our kitchen, but I doubt very much it’s updated! Not that that matters; in fact, I might prefer that. Other than that, not a clue! If nothing else, I hope to follow along whoever buys it. I wouldn’t be surprised is someone bought it then tore the house down and rebuilt; with enough height there’d be a water view. It’s looking a lot like this will NOT happen for us. It’s okay, like Pam at Retro Renovation says: love the house you’re in!