post-off: there’s organized, and then there’s just plain crazy


I spotted these desk organizers by Less & More on Etsy last week, and my first instinct was to fall head over heels for them. The bright colors! The perfect styling! The extreme organization! It was all just too wonderful for my charming Type A personality to imagine.

And then I took a moment and asked myself whether I’d ever actually sort pencils on my desk into individual compartments in a pencil holder, let alone organize them by color and by size. Suddenly, my love was starting to wane. And yet…how fabulous would my desk look if I actually did go to the trouble?

So, since I’m torn, I decided to see if I was the only one: just how organized are you? Does this desk organizer feel absolutely perfect, or just a bit over the top? — Becki S.

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i would rather throw pens and pencils into a cup or a desk drawer, but i do love the idea of using it to organize makeup! i dont use much makeup and i dont have a great place to put it so that would be a perfect solution for me. i can even imagine mounting it to a wall in my bathroom since i dont have much counter space in there. cool!

Mary T.

What are pencils?


I’d be much more inclined to purchase the make-up organizer. But then, I don’t use colored pencils all that often. An illustrator might find the pencil holder to be just the ticket.


No….I don’t think so. I don’t like leaving that kind of stuff out – it’s too visually busy. And, they seem to be pretty expensive for a piece of wood with some holes drilled into it.

I love the colored pencils neatly organized. However, I don’t like things cluttering up my desktop. I’d be just as happy with them in a drawer and $57 more dollars in my pocket.

I would organize thread that perfectly (if I could find the time) but never pencils. I’d love to think I’d be that “together” but alas… I’m not, oh well :) However it has inspired me to organize my thread!

oh, i’m glad i’m not the only one having second thoughts about being able to organize my life quite *this* much. kimberj, send in a pic if you end up sorting that thread…i bet it’ll be gorgeous!