kinda genius: magisso’s cake cutter and server


The worst part of baking a cake is serving it. It’s horrible! If left to my own devices, my expertly frosted and decorated dessert becomes a lump of mush on a plate. It still tastes the same but I would definitely be asked to pack up my knives if I served it to Padma and company on ‘Top Chef’. Perhaps there’s a secret way to slice and serve that leaves both the remaining cake and the cut up slices magazine-ready, but I haven’t found it. Enter Magisso’s Cake Cutter and Server (A+R store, $49.50). Scandinavian designer Maria Kivijarvi recreated a kitchen staple that not only cuts and serves perfect slices with one step, but also look like a gorgeous sculpture when not in use. The device is completely foolproof and makes serving your dessert, er, a piece of cake (sorry, guys- I couldn’t help myself!). — Katie D.

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This is genius! I might ask for this for my birthday. I could finally stop saying “Well, at least it tastes good!” when I serve dessert!


The only problem with it is that it doesn’t seem like it could cut “a sliver” which is what it seems like most people as for these days and is the hardest to get on the plate cleanly.