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teux deux

My biggest goal for 2011 (other than winning the lottery and retiring): to be more productive and organized. It’s a lofty one, I know, but thankfully I’ve got help — in the form of web-based productivity assistant Teux Deux. Instead of my perpetual scrap paper list-making cluttering my desk, pockets and recycle bin; I’ve got a minimally-designed running list on my browser, which is where I’m spending the bulk of my computer time anyway. Even better, I’ve got it synced up with the iphone app, so I can cross off those nagging to-do’s as soon as they are complete! Best of all, the site is free (though the mobile app has a nominal fee) — and did I mention it’s the brainchild of one of our favorite bloggers, Tina Roth Eisenberg, also known as swissmiss? — Megan B.

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I love Teux Deux! I’ve been using it for months – I have it set up as my home page so that every time I open a window or tab I am reminded of what is on the agenda for the day. I love the clean minimalism of it and it is so satisfying to cross items off the list once they’re done.

Thanks for the recommendation. I have just added it to my browser. I completely agree that it’s the simple design that makes it a winner.

Sarah C.

I am obsessed. It is SO SIMPLE, but sometimes that’s exactly what the doctor ordered. This has been very helpful in keeping me focused and allows me to see what the week is looking like realistically. And has helped to reign in the 50 half to-do lists I seem to have going all at once. I wish they had an Android app!