blue canary in the outlet by the light switch…

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If you’re fans of They Might Be Giants, you’re now humming the song “Birdhouse In Your Soul.” Well, I have a secret to tell: now you can have your very own glowing little friend who watches over you from the outlet, too. The Blue Canary Night Light was created by Brock Tice in homage to the song (and for his new daughter). You can read about it here or here, not to put too fine a point on it. But what really will put a bee in your bonnet is that you can purchase the Blue Canary Night Light at Amazon for $14.99. And even if you don’t want one for yourself, read the Amazon reviews. They are nearly as entertaining as TMBG themselves! — Mary T.

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Gah, earworm alert! If I am made to look a fool humming to myself today, I’ll know who to blame.

And while you’re at it– did you ever see the Pidgeon episode of Pushing Daisies where Kristin Chenoweth and Ellen Greene sang Birdhouse?

Sarah L.

have you ordered it yet? is it too good to be true?

Mary T.

@Sarah, I have not, but I should mention that I first heard about this from my pal Susan at This Charming Candy She received one from a friend, posted it on Facebook, and everyone is going nutty about it!

@ellie, no, I didn’t see that episode — we may have to put that in our DVD queue!

Megan B

Mary- I just re-watched the entire two seasons of Pushing Daisies. Best Show Ever. Do yourself a favor — they’re both on Netflix streaming.

And yes, this song has been in my head for at least two days now, thanks to this post. Though I think I may have to order one — a dear friend is expecting her first baby and this would be a perfect little gift!

First of all – thank you for reminding me of this song – I loved it and it had slipped into the back of my mind. Not a problem any longer lol – it has been streaming through my head non stop since your post.

Second of all – my friend was just complaining about the lack of super cute night lights for adults so I am quite excited you found this!

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