kinda genius: cameron’s stovetop smoker


Since I’m guessing there’s a good chunk of you readers out there who will be wishing you had grilling weather for the big game, I present the solution to your problem: bring the wood smoke indoors! No more grilling your brats on the deck in sub-zero temperatures! Cameron’s stovetop smoker is a pretty basic, yet highly effective cooking device — a stainless steel roasting pan in which you sprinkle wood chips (mesquite, hickory, and applewood, to name a few), top with a drip pan and rack, add your protein of choice, and then just slide the lid closed (make sure it’s tight). Place on your range over medium and go! A slight wisp of smoke should rise from the smoker, but not too much — it’s more like incense than a campfire. Not only is it the most effective way to stay warm indoors while smoking meats, but it’s a great way to add a ton of flavor to food without adding any salt, sugar, or fat. I love pork tenderloin smoked and then sliced thin for sandwiches, and tofu and veggies turn into something other-worldly with a touch o’ the wood. You can find them online at Amazon for $49 (or $35 for the small model), or if you’re desperate to get one by Sunday, they’re pretty easy to find at moderately well-stocked kitchen stores. — Megan B.

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So great, bought one immediately!

i’ve been eying these over the past few months, but am waiting for someone who actually has one to tell me if it’s worth it. megan, what was the first thing you made in it? success?

Megan B

@ Rebecca: Thankfully, mine came with a great recipe book, but everything I’ve done has been a hit. The thing I’ve done with the most frequency is Pork tenderloin: I really love the way the smoke adds flavor to it without drying out the meat. Fish was also kinda a revelation. Oh — and I used it to smoke an entire turkey breast to be served at our wedding as sandwich meat. Fab!

Something else I noticed after I published (of course): they have a daily blog with recipes for use in your smoker, and a FB page with some great discount offers and recipe content.