five things we learned last week

five things kletia2

1) The Blue Canary Night Light puts a song in your ear and a light in your night. Mary T. shared this fab find with a reference to “Birdhouse In Your Soul” and you can’t get enough of either. Emily says: “First of all – thank you for reminding me of this song – I loved it and it had slipped into the back of my mind. Not a problem any longer lol – it has been streaming through my head non stop since your post.
 Second of all – my friend was just complaining about the lack of super cute night lights for adults so I am quite excited you found this!”

2) You welcome more slow cooker meat options. Sarah L. shared her perfected recipe for Chicago-style Italian beef
and it’s a happy addition to your old favorites. Emily H. says: “That sounds amazing! I do a pretty good pulled pork, and Mexican carnitas in the slow cooker. Yay for adding an Italian version!!”

3) Personalized baby prints are a décor-savvy way to celebrate your little one. Congratulations are in order for our very own Ginny F., who is currently expecting her second! Even with baby #2 on the way, it’s never too late to celebrate the first, and she’s got our number with these adorable personalized baby prints. Jen says: “Congratulations! I love the circus one!”

4) When it comes to duvets v. blankets, we’re split. An article in the Wall Street Journal recently made the case for a switch back to blankets and coverlets, and our loyalties are split. Blankets offer more temperature control, but duvets are easier. Margaret says: “After too many years of making too many beds – mine, other peoples, hospitals’ – it is duvets all the way, baby! No more layers and layers and layers, and hospital corners, and turned edges for me ever, ever again.”

5) Vintage school posters are out there waiting to be snapped up. Sarah L. found some on Etsy and we love them. Susan says: “Wow! Love them! The colors are great and what a neat way to reuse/recycle.”

Image courtesy of Kletia Garies.

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